Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tale of A Beach Romance

Yesterday the boys and I spent the afternoon at Solimar Beach with my friend Jen and her family. Jen and I met in birth class and have been great friends ever since. Luke and her daughter Olivia adore each other.

Here's the story; Luke fell asleep on the way there and even slept for a couple hours when we got there. In the meantime this is what went down....

- A Tale of A Beach Romance -

Jakey (a.k.a. Warrior Boy) immediately sheds all restricting clothing, grabs an oar and soaks in the sun plotting his attack...

Closing in...
Me Warrior Boy, Me get girl!

Warrior stance.
Mission accomplished!

YES! Now for our quick getaway...
Kayak, check; brother's girlfriend, check; ill-fitting life vest, check!

Then...just before the ship set sail Prince Lukey awakes and sweeps into rescue his damsel in "distress". She is overjoyed to be reunited with her betrothed.

However Princess O's is a bit apprehensive when Prince Lukey decides the more the merrier and invites Warrior Boy to get dressed, abandon his pirating missions and live happily ever after with him and Princess O!
(as long as he get his own little lady)

Later Warrior boy changes his name to "King of Everything"!

- The End -

Jake found my plastic head band under the bathroom sink and wore it for the afternoon...even to the YMCA where he played in the nursery with Luke while I worked out.
I have to admit I think he pulls off the "Axle Rose look" nicely!


  1. OMG Candice, you had me rolling! What a fun afternoon at the beach, glad you and the boys could join us. And what a lucky lady Livy was...good thing Luke woke up to claim his lady. Like she'd stray...she's all about her "Lukey". :)

  2. that was a great story. you are funny...

  3. looks like a fun day with your two kings and a sweet little damsel:)