Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July!
We had a great day going to the kids parade downtown, BBQ'ng with Lawlers and ending the night with friends watching fireworks at our house.

Unfortunately I must have ordered the "extra-smoke sparklers"! After a dozen or so sparklers the entire backyard was filled with smoke and we were all practically gaging so we resorted to enjoying the more serene and festive glow-sticks! The kids were just as happy!

Think he's impressed? Which one you ask?

Oh, look the little "sleeping family ham" and his side kick 'Giggles'...aka...Lukey!
About 10 minutes after this picture was taken Jake was sound asleep. But I was glad they both lasted for the fireworks!

Swim Lessons!

Like most kids Luke loves the water. He dives for things, jumps off the diving board, floats on his back and is getting down the strokes and kicks too! He's taking lessons for 5 weeks, 2x/wk with a private instructor...and two of his new friends.
Best part I don't even have to get wet!!
Fun, Fun!

Jake's "NOOOO" expression!
I guess he didn't want his picture taken.

and his other sensitive side...

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