Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Beloved Phife!!!

On Saturday, March 28st we said goodbye to our beloved friend and family member...Phife! He passed peacefully with Brad and me by his side...he will be dearly missed. However, we are relishing in all the wonderful memories we shared with him (and many of you) over the past 7 awesome years. Phife was a one-in-a-million dog, friend, pet and companion!!! XO

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

Luke, Jake and I traveled up to Sacramento to visit my family for the weekend. All went smoothly on the flight up but unfortunately it was quite a bumpy ride home which resulted in Jake covering me with puke on the descend. Poor guy, poor mom!!!

At one point Jake kissed Lily (the dog) and I started singing "I kissed a dog and I liked it" and we couldn't get that song out of our heads (or at least I couldn't). So when I got home I downloaded the 'real' song and Luke and I sing it with our version. To experience see the video in last week's post (somehow I accidentally put it there instead of here.)

There was much WWF action going on with the boys and their Uncle Andy and Uncle Jim!! Luke and Jake were relentless, showing no mercy to anyone. Jake even rammed Great Grandma in the shins (and her walker) several times but maybe that was just because he wanted to include her in the action.

And yes, that is a skirt/apron Luke has on (again!). These days oddly enough it's just par for the course with that little manly man!

No mercy for Uncle Andy!

Excuse me while I text my mom...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Week...

Just a little bath time; whatever one does the other follows....

If you could only hear him! And those little red devil eyes too - yikes!

We had a busy week last week - I started a bible study at our house for moms on Monday mornings from 9-11. We had 5 moms and 9 kids last week - we split up so one group of moms did the study and the others watched the kids and then switched. Great way to start the week.

We also planted a little garden in the backyard - only a few plants...corn, bell pepper, tomato and beans. I considered planting habaneros as a form of discipline but decided against it...haha While I was doing other stuff in the yard Jake spent about 30 minutes moving the 5 or so 4" pots from one area to another. He was such a busy bee and VERY focused!! Too cute!

On Sunday I ran in a 5K unfortunately I have a cold which made my run feel like I was wearing lead shoes and lungs but I finished. There were about 125 runners and I placed 20th overall and 8th in women.

The best part was all my Imbler boys were with me to warm up and cheer me on through the finish line! I look fresh and optimistic in the beginning and beat down and a mess at the end...I guess that's a sign of a decent run though...but I decided to save you all from having to view me in that "condition".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patty's Parade

This morning we met some friends downtown at the St. Pat's parade. The boys had a great time even though the candy-throwers were sparse! The morning was complete when Luke got his picture taken with his idol...Cinderella!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Day!!

Last weekend we went to church and then enjoyed a few hours at the beach (overcast but warm - my favorite beach weather actually). We even took Phife who doesn't get much beach time these days! When Brad told Luke we were taking Phife Luke looked puzzled and said, "No Dad, Phife doesn't go to the beach." Like what an absurd idea. Poor neglected dog...such is life once the kids come!

After the beach, we ran home to drop off the dog and hose off the boys and enjoyed burgers at one of our favorite kid-friendly joints - Duke's! As you can see by Jake's face and shirt in the picture below he ate and many video games, so little time.