Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dentist & More...

Jake has just been crackin' me up lately and luckily I've been able
to catch some of these funny moments on "film". Plus he's gotten SOOOO cute!
Disclaimer: this post is not intended to show favoritism toward one Imbler boy or the other...some posts just end up that way!

Our little men were ideal patients at the dentist this week. Since his visit Luke has brushed his teeth about 20x/day; Jake is less diligent! They couldn't have been better...minus the Goldfish crackers Jake had a death grip on and wouldn't let me have before he got into the chair. I don't think the dentist ever did get all those fishies out of his teeth!

You can't exactly tell in this picture below but Luke was staring at the dentist almost longingly like "SO, how do they look? Please tell me you love my teeth and I don't have any cavities...
like mommy!!"


  1. you dont have any cavities?!?! your boys are so darn cute! and funny.

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!! I love it!!!